What did you do right after we graduated?

I worked for a year until I had enough money to go to Europe then I spent a Summer traveling through much of Europe. The Draft board was not pleased, they thought that I was skipping the Country to avoid them. When I returned I attended Ferris State University (a College then), and Western Michigan University where I joined the Army ROTC. After I graduated I went to work for the U.S.E.P.A..

What has been your occupation(s) over the past 50 years? Tell us about any highlights or cool things that you’ve been a part of.

I guess you would say that my Presidential Campaign (which I have always considered my main occupation, though it pays me nothing) started before I Graduated from High School. Though I have spent more than 30 years working for the American People at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. I have always continued my Campaign.

I am currently trying to work with AmericansElect.org for their support and nomination, since they expect to be on the ballot in all states by November 2012. They are a new effort at Non-Partisan Politics and my Campaign has always been to become the FirstNonPartisanPresidentOfUSA since George Washington & the Founding Fathers established our great Country. The address below is my Bio on their site.


My original Campaign is still on my MySpace page.


My Presidential Campaign started in 1960 at the back of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s (JFK’s) Campaign train where I met with him and discussed the talk that he had just given to a small number of other people, and me. At the end of our discussion, he said to me “You should become President when you are old enough”. Most of the time between then and now when I have been qualified to be President I have worked for the United States Government where it would have been illegal for me to ask for money or votes, though I have always continued the Campaign. 


Where are you living?

Mostly on my farm just west of Ann Arbor. I go to AMSOIL University every spring and the EAA Convention every July. I have spent as much time in Nevada as possible every winter, the winters are much milder in southern Nevada. When my Campaign is successful I will spend some time in Washington D.C.

Are you retired? If so, what are you doing in retirement?

Yes I have retired from the U.S.E.P.A. otherwise I could not officially run my Presidential Campaign, legally.

Are you married? What’s your spouse’s name?

No, when I was working for the Government I kind of got caught in a time warp and forgot to have a social life. I have started looking for someone to start a family with since I retired. My father thinks it is too late, however, I think that it is never too late.

Do you have kids? Where are they & what are they up to?

Not yet.

How about grandchildren? How many? How old? Where are they? But wait! What about great grand-kids?!!?

Not yet.

What’s your favorite hobby (or hobbies)?

Mostly my Presidential Campaign. Aircraft are also my hobby and restoring old ones, and restoring old motorhomes and, when I get the place to do it, re-powering them with more up-to-date and efficient drivetrains.

Have you had any adventures you’d care to tell us about?

So many that I should take the time to write several books. As in the time that I was killed when I was driving through New Mexico. Some people seem to think that my life is one nonstop thriller.

What else would you like us to know about?

The only thing that I can think of is that my Presidential Campaign could use all of the support that it can get, so that it can succeed for the benefit of everyone.